A story told by scent. Love, longing, and the elemental forces that make our world the complex and beautiful place we call home. These are the stories that are brought to life by ATUM Fine Fragrance. Founded in 2021 by Kristin Scott, an Austin, Texas based fine artist and painter turned perfumer who approaches fragrance the same way she does art, infusing layer and composition through the use of unexpected elements until her vision comes alive. The ATUM collection currently encompasses ten fine fragrances: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Wanted, Love Always, Wild Tobacco, Hippie Water, Offerings and The Hunt all blended with care and hand poured in Austin with the highest quality ingredients. 
Visit www.spitfiregirl.com to see other fragrances that Kristin Scott has developed such as The Potion Collection. The Potion Collection is an intention based line inspired by the rich fragrance history of ancient Egypt. These formulas are based on ancient that has been rebalanced for the modern nose.