Kristin Scott, a native Texan came to the art of Fragrance much in the same way she approached her former life as a fine artist and painter. To build and layer a composition, constantly adding and subtracting elements until it meets her inner olfactory vision. Kristin had no idea that she would become a fragrance maker but with the help and constant support and inspiration of her dear friend and fellow perfumer Michael Probst of West Third Brand, her senses opened and she found there was a deep desire to create these complex compositions with fragrance that have very different interpretations and reactions from human to human.

The first of these complex concept driven collections was the Potion Collection, deeply inspired by her love of ancient Egypt and the way that Egyptians have built fragrances for centuries using incredibly complex formulas to assert specific characteristics to a smell. This led Kristin naturally dig deeper into her process and to create ATUM FINE FRAGRANCE. This collection was six years in the making from concept to creation. Great care and patience were taken to fully tell the story aromatically that Kristin had in her mind. The ATUM collection tells several different stories of love, longing, and elemental forces that make our world the complex and lovely place we call home.